Sagra Bignè
Sagra della Pizza

About 25 Km. From the farmhouse one finds Pisa, one of the beautiful Tuscan towns.
A city of art, rich in monuments and churches, it is famous for its leaning tower, thanks above all to its unusual inclination due to ground subsidence.
The principal centres of the area are: Cascina, Pontedera, San Miniato and Volterra.

Orentano is made famous and appreciated for the many ludic- traditional shows, organised at various times of the year, which draw thousands of people. The children’s carnival (February), is without doubt the most significant, and that which one mostly associates with the name of the town.
An event which began in 1956 at the request of the parish priest Don Livio Costagli with the aim of entertaining the children, then short of toys. There weren’t the allegorical floats which we are now used to seeing, but a modest litter drawn by donkey, with the children of the town cold but entertained.
Despite the passing of time the nature of the Orentano carnival has remained that of the “children’s carnival”: the stars are the littlest ones. Entire generations have grown up with the carnival, and the youngest, growing into adulthood have then taken their children to the dress parade… Along side the parade of the floats, other cultural activities have developed, such as the drawing and painting competition for all the schools in Tuscany, confirming its appeal for the youngest.

Each year in the month of July, the traditional pizza and beer “sagra” is held. One can sample the fabulous wood-oven cooked pizzas and typical Tuscan dishes (such as “bruschetta”). These enjoyable summer evenings will be enlivened each time by a different orchestra, making the old and young dance with their music.
Amongst the summer events taking place in Orentano the choux “sagra” stands out. It takes place in August on the feast day of their patron Saint San Lorenzo. There are many “Orentanesi” who live and work in the large Italian cities where, amongst other activities, they run the best restaurants (Milan and Turin) and the finest pastry shops (Rome).
However, for all “Orentanesi” their native town has always remained the common denominator. Indeed, in August, when the businesses are closed for the holidays, the “Orentanesi” get together and spend their well earned rest in Orentano. Thus the homeland of confectionary couldn’t give rise to anything else but a festival dedicated exclusively to cakes. Since its “birth” the “Sagra” (1968) represents a “constructive” holiday for “our” confectioners based on the wholehearted collaboration with the organisers for the creation of the Bignè (cream puff) “sagra”.

An archaeological museum has been established in Orentano Where one can find Etruscan remains, amongst which a human skeleton, found in the area surrounding the town.

Via della Repubblica, 97, 56020 Orentano Pisa